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September 27, 2010

Sherry Ambassador Germany

Sherry meets Pfalz. Today this year's Sherry Ambassador was elected: Pietro D'Alto from Vinopolio, Marburg. Congratulations, Mr. Ambassador!
5 finalists from different regions of the country came to Neustadt/Weinstrasse to meet the last challenge. At the Vinicombe, the wine cellars of Mundus Vini, 3 different types of Sherry were served in black glasses (try it yourself!) for the candidates to recognize. Last theoretical questions had to be answered before the winner was announced. Prior to today's competition, 15 in-depth-questions around the famous Andalusian wines had to be answered right, a proposal for a menu with 5 corresponding different sherry styles had to be given. 

Today's candidates are sommeliers from top-houses of Germany and Pietro works as a freelance sommelier with his own company. The competition was announced by the Sommelier magazine

I think it is a good thing to have Sherry Ambassadors in Germany, because the wines get far too little attention and deserve way more! And what a great way to learn through people who know and have the passion for those exciting drops that are said to belong to the oldest wines on earth. Within the next weeks, several Romantic hotels offer Sherry-menus, and I might be trying to get to attend one myself. A nice way to discover brands you won't find on supermarket shelves. Check here for more information (Germany), for the international pages:

It was fun to have a short occasion that brought back memories of last year's Spanish Wine Education programme. The Spanish wine industry is doing a good job in marketing their wines by spreading knowledge...

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