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September 15, 2010

#twv TwitterWeinVerkostung - Twitter Wine Tasting

#twv is the hashtag under which (mostly German speaking) wine lovers (you need not be a wine expert) meet online on a regular base to taste a wine and tweet their opinions about it. The wine was previously bought by each tweeter (=person that has a twitter account).

Real-time results for #twv

  1. weinreiseweinreise 

    Tag 2 und er gefällt mir besser, aber die säure ist schon knackig... Nicht der gelbe, gefällige Typ, das gefallt mir! #twv

  2. DonSimonDonSimon_ 

    Hat gerade Infos zum nächsten #twv Paket bekommen,ihr werdet es lieben :-) Mehr am Montag Abend während dem CabSauv vom Weingut Uebel ! #twv

Initiator is Simon Atzei, widely known and referred to as Don Simon with his blog . About one year ago, the Don organized what he called 'TastingSalesDay': While wine tastings on twitter was nothing new by then, his concept was (and still is) to introduce wineries that are within twitterverse. Interested wineries or wine dealers can propose a tasting package of 1-3 wines, that should cost no more than 20 € for the individual taster, incl. shipping costs. Simon announces the package and then everyone that is interested orders his/her wine, which is shipped in good time before the tasting takes place - mostly on Monday evenings.

Simon's motivation is of purely private nature, out of fun and his interest for wine. As he says (which I can only agree with), it is not so easy to gather people around you for a 'real life' tasting. Thus being able to do so via your computer is a good alternative. For wineries and dealers it is a chance to get new customers, contacts and simply to gain reputation by being 'up-to-date' when it comes to social media. Or just to see how a certain wine can be evaluated...

Nobody knows exactly how many participants there are, as not everybody is active during the tastings. Some just drink, follow the twitter-conversation, and enjoy... So far, there are more male than female tasters, but the number of ladies is growing, the Don says.
It is also he who picks the wines to taste and so far, packages until March 2011 are decided upon. (Hm - I like it)

Besides German wines, there have been Italian, French, South African, Austrian, etc..... So, if you'd like to send in your wines, just send a message - or more fittingly, follow the Don  and let him know! 

Another fun 'side-effect' is, as Don Simon puts it, that he has also found 'real-life' friends through this #twv.

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