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September 08, 2010

Weingut Uebel, Pfalz - Twitter Wine Tasting

The word 'uebel' can be translated with ill, bad, nasty and some more. But this has absolutely nothing to do with this winery carrying the name Uebel!

Jochen Uebel, a young and passionate winemaker is the most friendly person ever! I had the pleasure to get to meet him today, when I visited the Uebel estate to pick up my wine package for Monday's twitter wine tasting. Yes! Finally I will be able to attend this fun club of twitter tasters that meet regularly under the hashtag #twv. But more about this later...
Jochen explained to me that the family-run winery is very young and in the early beginnings. Today, the majority of wines is sold via commissioners, which is a good way to earn money to build a solid foundation for a winery to grow and gain stability. But of course, his passion and his drive are devoted to the bottle wines and I do believe that this man knows exactly what he is doing. We will hear from him and his wines, something tells me.

Uebels have 10.5 hectars under vines and the location (in Nussdorf-Landau) is beautiful, let me assure you! Although it was raining dogs when I got there this morning, I just loved how it is nestled in at the very end of a cute, romantic, narrow road, which is more of a path. (Swedish Volvo erm...) And once you got passed the last bend of the street you see nothing but ... vines. Gorgeous.
In the cellar, where the stainless steel tanks are waiting for this year's crop, Jochen is explaining a bit about the techniques and his philosophy. How the wine is filtered in the end only and how he concentrates his work on letting the different grape varieties reflect just that - their own style. And how he uses barrel aging to accentuate but not to kill a wine. Sounds very good to me!
In a couple of weeks they will start to fill those 5000 l tanks with Sauvignon Blanc, White and Grey Burgundy, Chardonnay and Riesling. The reds include Cabernet Sauvignon, Portugieser, and Dunkelfelder. Ha! You too have not heard about that grape variety, have you? I am going to look it up. It gives very dark wines with lots of tannins, and therefore makes a good component in a cuvée - under the right circumstances, that is.

But now, first, we are going to taste Sauvignon Blanc 2009 on Monday and then the Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. #twv

How fun: Through twitter I got to know a new person in real life too. Not too bad? (Nicht übel?)

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