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December 07, 2010

Krack wine bar

Aaaah, someone that understands us who love both worlds - the internet and the wine. And us, who like to try more expensive wines - without having to buy the whole bottle without knowing whether we like it or not!

This is the website of the wine bar 'Weinbar Krack' in Deidesheim, showing the wines that are currently open, giving you (and me for a matter of fact) the opportunity to come and buy the wine by the glass. I am thrilled about the place and we have been there several times already. And we have bought some bottle of wines, too...

300 wines from the Pfalz of excellent quality can be found in this shop, as well as online. A very nice way to get to taste the spectrum of what the region has to offer. All at one place. As nice as it is to go and visit the wineries too - you will need some time to get around so many...

In the front you see the screen where we were just online, exploring the different vineyard sites as we are asking certain questions around a wine we just bought. In the back you see the big screen at the wall that shows the currently open bottles of higher priced wines.

Not on the pictures are the wine shelves with lots of different bottles!

We are delighted to be moving close by soon... for further information on address, opening hours, wine tastings, etc...

Ähm... empty glass and caraffe? Ts!

Perhaps we'll even see you at Weinbar Krack? Drop a note if you're coming.

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  1. Ah genau, jetzt weiß ich wieder, was wir noch testen wollten. :))