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January 05, 2011

New: MyPfalz

New Year, new ideas...

In 2011 you will find a new series of postings under the theme: MyPfalz, where I am introducing to you a:

* monthly winery
* monthly Riesling
* monthly Sparkling

- all from, yes!, the Pfalz.

The positive feedback I received from readers who feel it is exciting to learn more about the region and who appreciate the English language, pairs well with my own personal interest about the region I call my home. And in the best case you get some inspiration too!


  1. Interesting. I am looking forward to your new series. All the best. Christian

  2. Sounds like a very good idea, Heike. I will certainly keep my eyes peeled - the Pfalz, after all, to me is one of the most interesting and diverse wine regions in Germany. Looking forward to reading about it here!
    Cheers, Torsten

  3. Thank you, Gentlemen! I appreciate your support :-)

  4. pryingly looking forward to. the pfalz is still to discover for me...
    juicy blog btw.

  5. Thank you! Hope to be finding some wines that you will like too...