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February 25, 2011

Bubbles, Bitching & Sauna

Ah, it is so good to be home again... A few days ago, I took a day off to spend some hours at the sauna. Lady's sauna. You know, here in Germany, in most saunas genders are mixed and people naked. Very naked. Now, after having lived abroad for quite some years, I have lost the concept of mixed and naked. Prefer lady's sauna instead. Although I could - for the sake of relaxing - do without all the chatting. But, there is a price tag to everything, right?

So, there I am, in this - actually - rather nice and big sauna area of the public pool. Several different saunas, warmer, less warm, dry, steam, lights blue and red etc... A real nice silent room with comfortable relaxing chairs. Carpe diem. Big windows (walls of glass) opening up the view of a wonderful blue sky. And the ladies (ages 50-70) that have gathered outside, occupying an entire row of chairs. [Reminding me of my English friend Doreen, who once told me about the jokes the Brites do about us (beware of the) Germans, throwing out our towels on the pool chairs of the Mallorca hotels early in the morning...] 

10.30 a.m., they talk and chat and giggle. And with the window between us - who'd care? Then: one of them reaching down into her bag, coming out with a bottle, wrapped in newspaper (which looked like the page of daily death notices). Over the coffee cups with the bottle - out comes... not coffee, but sparkling wine. Of course. No desperate housewives here!(Or?) A little moment of small significance. I smile, and am reminded of that I am back home in the Pfalz, where life sometimes is a little lighter than perhaps elsewhere.

11.00 a.m.: time for my next session of sauna. Two different ladies sitting in there, chatting all the time (with no window between us). Bitching about those outside that apparently are having more fun then they themselves do. I smile. Life here is just like anywhere.

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