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February 08, 2011

MyPfalz: Hirschhorner Hof, Riesling Brut

MyPfalz (3) Monthly Sparkling - February
Hirschhorner Hof 
Riesling Sekt Brut 2007
Königsbach, Pfalz 
€ 16,50

Yellow apple and soft notes of peach mingle with brioche - the nose likes it! The crisp acidity and fruity taste are completed by wonderful minerality and end with a pleasant tickle of saltiness. Pronounced and quite lasting... Good... I want more. The bubbles (did I tell you I   l-o-v-e   wines with 'em) are many, small and cute and mouth filling. I keep it! Oh... it's empty.
Organically grown grapes are the base for this wine, which is fermented in a 1200 liter cask. Done the traditional way (2nd fermentation in the bottle), the degorgement was done by hand in 2010, with 2 g of dosage (grape must) added.

This was entry no. 3 of my new series MyPfalz, click here to read more.

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