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February 02, 2011

Royal Wine Tasting in Koenigsbach

Last weekend we were at a wine tasting with royal flair. The 9 wine princesses of Neustadt/Weinstrasse had invited to the Koenigsbacher Winzer (a cooperative) for a nice evening with wine, food, and entertainment. The proceeds benefit the Kindergarten 'Regenbogen', a place for disabled children.
The Princesses and two (?) Bacchuses (thought there was only one!)
What I find very remarkable, is that it was all initiated, planned and accomplished by these young ladies that are between 18 and 25 years of age. They picked their wines - each from their own wine village (Neustadt/Weinstrasse has 9 of them), and presented them in a very nice and charming way. We learned a little about the villages and about the princesses themselves. One had become a princess just like her mother, grandmother, great aunt before her. Another one skipped a week of ski vacation with her school, to do this event instead. Dedicated young people that do make a difference!
Princesses in action
The wineries contributed to the good cause by giving their wines. Here is a list of what we were served:
- Welcome Sekt: Weissburgunder Extra Dry, Heim'sche Sektkellerei (Neustadt)
- 2009 Weissburgunder, Bergolt-Reif&Nett (Duttweiler)

- 2009 Grauer Burgunder Kabinett halbtrocken,Weinland Koenigsbach (Koenigsbach)
- 2009 Mussbacher Eselshaut, Riesling Kabinett trocken (Mussbach)
- 2009 Muskateller Spätlese, Weingut Andres (Lachen-Speyerdorf)
- 2007 Rieslaner Spätlese, Weingut Weegmüller (Haardt)
- 2008 Cabernet Dorsa, Weingut Haigis (Geinsheim)
- 2007 Gimmeldinger Meerspinne Cabernet Sauvignon, Daniel Hauck (Gimmeldingen)
- 2008 Cuvée Nicolaus trocken, Weingut Stortz-Nicolaus (Diedesfeld)
- 2008 Chardonnay Beerenauslese, Weingut Sommer (Hambach)
Swirling and tasting
Me, personally, I would have loved to see more dry wines, not so many off-dry ones. A sparkling wine under Brut is not really 'my thing'. But, it most likely reflects the wine style that many of the guests prefer. I found the Muskateller and the Chardonnay Beerenauslese most interesting. The quality of the wines was certainly good and it is well worth looking closer at those wineries.

I was sitting besides Herr Nebel, the 'mayor' (Ortsvorsteher) of Geinsheim. He owns a hair salon where he offers wines from the wineries of Geinsheim in small glasses. A nice opportunity to do a little wine tasting while at the coiffeur, don't you think! And if you found your wine, you can also buy it there - at winery prices.

Wine Princess Natascha of Koenigsbach
What's a princess without her Bacchus
Koenigsbach, home of the famous IDIG

 Thank you, your highnesses for a fun evening!

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