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February 03, 2011

Wine & Chili 2

One of the leading keyword searches that bring new people to this blog of mine is: 'Wine and Chili'.  Telling me, I wasn't the only one wondering a while ago - see here:

Today, at, I stumbled over an article of Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein about the pairing of chili and wine:

Click here for the full article.
"If you want to go 'all American", a full flavored Zinfandel will pair beautifully with its rustic structure, spicy brambly flavors and mouth coating yet unpretentious flavor. If you want to opt for something a bit edgier, look for a Negro Amaro or even a softer interpretation of a Petit Sirah, both of which have Zin's enjoyable rusticity but with more elements of prune, black fig, and black licorice. And finally, if you want to play up the herbal components of the dish (bay, oregano, any green chilies) don't overlook Chilean Carmenere as an intriguing choice, which balances smoky herbal elements with dark plummy fruit...."
Feel free to send your favorite pairing too.

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