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March 29, 2011

MyPfalz: Andres und Mugler, Riesling brut

MyPfalz (5): Monthly sparkling wine - March
Riesling Brut 2009, Sekt b.A.
Andres und Mugler,
12 €

A medium-pale golden yellow color. A nose that is a bit shy, but with nice yeasty-brioche notes and ripe pineapple peeking out. Lots of small bubbles, giving a nice towards creamy mouthfeel. Baked apple on the palate, toast, citrus. Fresh and zesty, nice and lean with a rather expressed finish. Really, really liked it! Will go and get more...

I would love to tell you how I got to this bottle of wine, but can't... (Thank you, Mr. Andres!) Let's just put it that way: almost magical, steered by satellite with an adventurous touch to it, but certainly a very trustful encounter led me into owning this bottle. (Not what you are thinking..!) It was actually one of the moments where I felt very thankful and blessed to be back home.

However! Andres und Mugler is a sparkling wine manufacturer that does just that: sparkling wine, the traditional method. Two young men started out in 1989 when they decided to not want to have to buy sekt anymore, but make their own - better - one. Ever since, they were in the spotlight of many wine critics, Stuart Pigott is only one of them, who gave lots of praise for their products. They came up with a different design for their corks, which should be something for my minimalism-loving Swedish friends.

Both men have also their own wineries, where they make, market and sell their own brands each. 

Andres und Mugler is located in Ruppertsberg, the tiny village close to Deidesheim. Check out their website and call before you visit! 

And to you who already tried this wine, I would be very glad to hear what you think of it. :)


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  1. Nice review. Also - to be superficial - beautiful label! Cheers

  2. Hello from Germany,

    thanks for your nice article. We get a lot of new infos and we come back.

  3. Thanks Alex! As you know, labels sell... :)

    billig sprit på nätet: Thank you and keep coming back! ;)