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April 28, 2011

MyPfalz: Weingut Weegmüller

MyPfalz (6): Winery of April
Weingut Weegmüller,

Gabriele (l) and Stefanie (r)
The womanly art of making wine. Or: Girls Rule! Certainly at this winery. Stefanie Weegmüller-Scherr, very down-to-earth and all big smiles, is the gifted winemaker of the estate. For 25 years now, she has been among the first women to set foot in the male-dominated winemaking industry. Her sister Gabriele is completing her by taking care of all marketing matters. She is the hospitality manager and I can witness, she does this well! We came there at a rather busy day, when they had opened up for their yearly spring event. Lots of customers were there, trying wines, but Gabriele was there for us - taking a lot of time talking to us and explaining the wines. Thank you, Gabriele.
Wine list at Weegmüller's Wein Frühling (spring)
And the wines! I tried 12 of them that day. Summary: ALL very clean in style, crisp, clear, fresh, yum. Silvaner, Scheurebe, Grüner Veltliner (the first vintage), Rieslaner and Gewürztraminer and - of course and above of all: Riesling.

My personal favorites:

URGESTEIN 2007, Riesling Dry 9.50 €
with a developed nose, mineral and petrol aromas, and long finish, high acidity
I was very happy to find a Pfalz Riesling with 0.5 g residual sugar, but still just 12% abv. and yet not tasting flat, empty, thin or anything - but all the opposite. Great!
My question to Stefanie, why Urgestein (Ur=primeval, gestein=stone), was answered with: 'I just didn't do anything with this wine, but to let it run it's course'. There you go Stefanie!

Herrenletten 2008, Riesling Dry 11.50 €
very balanced with ripe yellow fruit, pineapple, flintstone, good and long finish, medium-bodied with nice acidity
A must-have!

Council members of Zürich, the Weegmüllers emigrated to Pfalz in 1657...

More crowded today, but still as beautifully located...
300 years of wine making history, 11 generations and with ancestors looking over their shoulders, the Weegmüller sisters are clearly deeply rooted, just as the good old vine... And those vines at Weegmüller's, by the way, are taken care of by Stefanie's husband Richard Scherr.

The dominating grape variety is Riesling. 15 ha of best vineyards around Haardt (90%) - i.e. Haardter Herrenletten, Gimmeldingen and Mussbach belong to the estate.

Go to the website to learn more about Weegmüller, if you got inspired...

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