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December 16, 2011

2007 Ghost Pines & Irony Chardonnay, USA

Lucky as we are, we met many wonderful people and made good new friends since our arrival to the area (now almost 1.5 years ago(?!)). 

Among them are 3 families from the U.S. (ok, one of the husbands is German), which we were allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year. The 3 ladies have touched my heart in several ways and we 'clicked' right away, sharing with each other the experiences (fun as well as not-so-fun) of living in the Pfalz. A source of support for certain issues, but really for lots of laughter and giggles, I so much appreciate their friendship. And - lucky again - even the guys get along well and so really, it always is a very pleasant atmosphere during our get-togethers. To protect their privacy, I will not mention their names - I would hate for people not daring to be with us anymore, because it all ends up in my blog... ;)

Thanksgiving was now sort of crowning it all. While we hosted the dinner, everyone was helping and preparing their part of the menu and bringing to the table for 16 people: two huge birds (called 'Viech' by the Pfälzisch salesclerk), stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, veggies, salad, mashed potatoes, cornbread, appetizers and pumpkin pies plus ice cream for the dessert. It was so good! All of it! 

We all share the love for a good local Riesling, which we enjoy together every now and then and at many different places. But this time, I wanted to surprise them with wine from their 'home' - from the US. So glad, I could get these two via, it turned out a fun moment for everyone! A blind tasting had to be done before I did tell them what it was in their glass. But, they understood quickly that it was not a local Riesling this time...   

Ghost Pines 2007 became the common favorite that night. Very much American oaked chardonnay, as we commonly associate it: rather bold, lots of yellow fruit, citrus, fried butter, honey, vanilla and oak.  Creamy, rather full bodied, but with a good acidity and a long finish. Ideal to the meal we had. The grapes are from the three areas: Sonoma, Napa and Monterey. Another nice coincidence was to then hear that one of the couples had lived in Monterey and are actually planing to retire there. 14% abv., price 13 €.

Irony, the 2nd wine, was even more full bodied and had even more of ripen yellow fruit. Had we served just one wine, this one would have had a better chance than it really got, being our 2nd wine. As I see it, it is way easier to drink several glasses of Riesling - over hours of socializing - than it is with oaked Chardonnay. With its powerful oaky style, it 'fills' you up quick. But, I still have one bottle left and will give it a fair chance at another time.

However, we all liked the story behind 'Irony': the two brothers that went out to explore working world America, before they returned home to the vineyards where they as boys had already helped out their grandpa every season. They gave up their other professions and took over the winery instead. Unplanned as it happened, they found it ironic...

One of our giant birds being carved from he who has done it before...

Thank you, dear friends.

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