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December 31, 2011


Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.  ~Oprah Winfrey

A busy year is coming to an end. We built a house, moved (again) from temporary living to the new home, unpacked hundreds of boxes that had been on storage for a complete year.  We visited the garbage station a gazillion times (which we, by the way, had already done in Sweden too), as we still had way too many things that no-one wanted, needed or liked anymore. Carpets, pictures, furniture pieces that do not fit into the new place. Frustrating on the other hand to discover that other things are lacking. Being so exhausted from the entire process, our minds have kind of locked now and we cannot even decide about where to put up a curtain and where not. So we decided to take a break from decorating, until inspiration kicks in again. Then came Christmas and all that stuff had to be unpacked again - I was trying to keep it minimalistic, but the kids insisted on stockings, etc. etc.... And now I am looking forward to take it all down again! However, some more decisions will have to be taken in 2012. But not today.

Today, we just enjoy the day and night with some lovely people. That was one of the great things of 2011 - we met so many nice people and made so many new friends. I am very thankful for that. We get lots of happy moments out of this and inspiration too. Fantastic! Life is good.

Lars asked the kids today if they had any resolutions, but none of us really has. A good sign. We are happy with the things the way they are. So no need for stress with resolutions that won't be kept up in the end anyway. :) Ok, a few more sit- and push-ups, and some more running through the wine fields...

I will continue to discover wines in general and to write about the Pfalz and its wines.
And I am looking forward to do more work in 2012. I truly enjoy the vinegar tours at Doktorenhof; English speaking, some Scandinavian and of course German groups. It makes me happy that the family Wiedemann trusts me and lets me take care of guests in their name. And to keep in touch with my vinegars that have grown so important to me during my years in Sweden. Further, I will increase writing for the Invinitum blog, the Danish/Swedish online wine shop. I wish them all luck and success, not only because I am happy for every little marketshare that the monopolist Systembolaget loses... And another opportunity seems close, where I will be working with wine directly. But more about that later. In 2012. 

Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. I love coming to this blog. There is always new information on wines and brings together people who love all types of wine together to discuss.