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December 14, 2011

In Situ Gran Reserva 2008, Chile

With 14,5 % abv., this wine is definitely at the higher end of the alcoholic spectrum - normally, not really 'my thing'.  However, it also has a beautiful richness of aromas of ripen dark and red berries, spices, woody accents and vanilla. The acidity is there and so are the tannins, which by the way are very soft and almost velvety. All in all, a lot of all. Well balanced, full bodied, with quite a finish too.  

A wine with power for about 10 €, bought at the supermarket. 

90% Carmenère, Chile's signature grape, and some Cabernet plus Syrah add up to a real nice wine in the glass! Will go back and get a few more bottles...

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