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December 12, 2011

Last night the Glühwein saved my life

In the 80's it was the DJ saving my life... Now it is the Glühwein. Boy! Did I catch an ugly cold this time! I am totally off everything. I mean, entirely off. We had 3 wonderful invitations for Saturday, which we all wanted to attend to, but really, we had to decide for one of them and had been looking forward so much. Instead, the night (and day) was spent on the couch, with me coughing like a horse. My dear husband made things a little easier to take by getting Glühwein for us.

I am not describing this one for you, because all my senses can detect is the warm feeling it spreads all over my body. If I now said it tasted good, it would probably be an insult to it, because with this cold of mine not one single molecule would ever make it through my nose... But, since the spices are there anyway, they did help me feel better for a while, at least. 

And, by the way, the plain fact, that we can just rush away and get some (in this case warm) wine still feels special and luxurious to us. Most of you won't really understand, but others will, without me going further into details...

And if you don't remember the song I was referring to: 


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