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December 15, 2011


Rainbow over the Ölberg, as seen 10 minutes ago. While discussing how to put up a certain shelf in the living room, my dear husband and I suddenly get distracted by this beautiful image... (Sorry, my iPhone doesn't allow for better quality)

The vineyard Ölberg is situated between Neustadt-Königsbach and Deidesheim and sloping south-east, thus spoiled by sunshine from early morning to the later afternoon. Soils are a mixture of clay, sandstone and chalky substances. The name goes back to a small chapel that once was built here and which showed Jesus at the Mount of Olives (as the Ölberg is referred to in English).

Riesling and Spätburgunder (German Pinot Noir) are grown here. We will be starting with tastings of wines from the Ölberg, soon. Some of the wineries that own sections of it are Bassermann-Jordan,  A. Christmann, Ohler, Weinland Königsbach.

The other important vineyard of Königsbach is the Idig. 

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