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December 18, 2011

Swedish Glögg, or: When the Postman rings Twice

... you better go and open the door. Could be, he delivers to you a box loaded with Swedish Glögg!

The Glögg party was saved and the guests (all none Swedes) liked this sweet, full-bodied, strong(er than German Glühwein) (15 % abv) drink from the North. We got it via the internet, from Price in Sweden 72 kr (we paid more 12 €).

This Blossa Starkvinsglögg is the absolute classic version, made of red wine and then fortified with 3 different Sherry-type of wines from Spain, made exclusively for this brand. 
It has aromas of dried fruit, cardamom, the classical christmas-spices. It is served warm with some raisins and almonds in the glass. The recipe has remained unchanged since 1917 and originates from wine merchant J.D. Grönstedt out of Stockholm's gamla stan. Other variations are the same glögg, but made purely from wine, without any additional alcohol and a light version. The supermarkets in Sweden even sell an alcohol-free version which people then mix with alcohol at home, or drink it as it is. (Very sweet.)
Then there is a yearly version, which is a nice marketing idea, I wrote about it before...

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