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January 06, 2012

2009 Bürklin-Wolf Pechstein G.C.

Pechstein, our favorite vineyard. Lars and I both love the special notes that come with the wines from this site. Basalt is the word. Basalt? Why would anyone believe that black volcanic stone tastes good? Ever thought of biting into a piece of that? Certainly not. Why does it give so much to a Riesling grown on soils where its found? I haven't got an argument that sounds reasonable. Sorry. It just does. And that is a fact. We have tasted enough wines from this site and from different wineries, that all had that certain touch to it. And we have tasted other Bürklin wines from different sites, that do not have this particular flavor and smell. I have asked Tom Benns, BW's wine consultant several times, if the wines from different vineyard sites are done in similar ways and they are, all following the biodynamic laws. Some people will say, this special notes come from the Riesling only, that it does come from the vine itself. But why then on this soils more so than on the neighboring soils - given, all the other aspects around viticulture and vinification are identical? 

So. During last year, we bought this bottle for around 30 € to put away and to taste it in a few years, let it get some more aging done first. But, now -  in the festive mood, the first Christmas in the new house - we decided to move time forward a bit and just opened it one of these nights after dinner. 

What can I say? The cork crumbled into 2719 pieces. Yes, I do have the right opener. The wine - poured through a fine tea sieve (how much fun that added) - did not taste cork. But it did not taste it's usual either. Already the nose was less significant than what we are used to from Bürklin wines and especially Pechsteins in general. Did the cork dry out? Now, it is a shame for the money, the expectations and the missed moment. But, it would have been much worse, had we waited some years to then discover this. Still, I need to get another bottle of this wine, I just know it is fantastically good. 

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