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January 09, 2012

2009 Eugen Müller Pechstein Riesling Brut

 Different and really good! Flintstone and citrus, citrus and flintstone. The main actors in this brut sparkling wine with lots of small bubbles. Add a little saltiness. And perhaps slight hints of yellow fruit, grapefruit in the finish. Minerality. Good, high acidity. 
Another wine from our favorite vineyard site, the Pechstein in Forst, where Basalt is found in the soils. Bottle fermented. Price: ca 15 €.

We enjoyed it together with a mixed salad with lime-garlic-cilantro marinated shrimps and some fried chicken stripes. A perfect match. Accompanied with home made white bread. Baked with olive oil in the dough and salt flakes on top, my new (Miele) steam oven taking care of a perfect crust. (No more water in cup or on tray in oven...)


  1. Just discovered your blog, still need to do a lot of reading. We drink very little German wine (unfortunately?), but bought (and drunk) Riesling from Georg Mosbacher from Forst also. Should I switch to Eugen Müller? (Will have to stop-over to refill on one of my next trips direction Baden-Württenberg.) Good and informative blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Phil! Thank you for your comment! Well... I do think indeed that you need to start drinking more German wine. :) Considering you are not that far away, you would be able to get good wines directly from the wineries.

    Mosbacher does make very good wines. No need at all to switch!! But, probably a need to expand? :) Perhaps you can find a little inspiration with my blog, or you can let me know, what kind of wines you usually prefer, then we can see if we find some special tips for you. ;)

    Will be checking your blog, too!