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January 26, 2012

2010 Tukulu Chenin Blanc, South Africa, Fairtrade

100 % Chenin Blanc. Hm. Now, it is a while ago, that we had this one and I never took notes (remember, I just moved...?). But what I do recall with this wine is, that it did not suit our tastebuds. Not really. Chenin Blanc is my husband's favorite grape variety ever since we first discovered it in South Africa. There, we found several wines we enjoyed. But Tukulu (why do I always want to say Takatuka?) won't be added to our 'wines-we-liked list'. When I first opened it, I felt nothing but green. Green as in grass and as in stinging nettles. I was sure, it was Sauvignon Blanc instead (or at least partially)... And the taste had a bitter twist to it. Ok, after a while in the glass, the green vanished mostly and there came fruitiness. But not as much and not as clearly as stated on the label. (Not for me at least.) The high acidity was there, though, so in that aspect very much Chenin Blanc. I guess, it is just me, because searching the web I find countless pages with good ratings for this one. Good, everyone does not like the same thing/wine? 

A great plus is the Fairtrade sign, definitely worth supporting.
Price: 7,50 €

Another Chenin Blanc, which suited me better:

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