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January 29, 2012

The House of Mondavi

Lazy Sunday afternoon by the fireplace, reading about the rise and fall of an American Wine Dynasty (Julia Flynn Siler): The House of Mondavi.

Taken by the story of the early beginnings, of how Cesare and Rosa Mondavi came to America from Italy in early 1900 and started up their business.

Disturbed by how Rosa will later side with only two of her 4 children and how she will be unbelievably cruel against Robert and his sister Helen by cutting them out not only of the family business. Also of her own shares they are supposed to not inherit more than a few dollars each - of millions that were to be split.

Amazed by how Robert Mondavi will then manage to succeed with his new winery. And relieved that the court decided in his favor to get his share of the Krug winery, the previous family biz.

Understanding how complicated the situation was for his children and Margrit, his 2nd wife.

And now reading with great interest how he meets his counterpart in Baron Philippe de Rothschild, the man who came from a total different world compared to Robert M.

Looking forward to continue reading about the legendary Opus One.....

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