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January 04, 2012

J F Ohler Chardonnay & Spätburgunder brut

This was our sparkling wine this New Year's. I started with it in a bubble bath before the party and continued with it through out the evening and night into the early morning. So good! A beautiful mousse with lots of small, soft bubbles. Soft notes of brioche, light yellow fruits and red berries. A nice minerality. And brut. 

For me, who usually will pick the Riesling Sekt before a Chardonnay/Pinot, this one is clearly a new favorite. If served together with Champagne in a blind tasting, it'd be challenging to say which one is the non-French, I would say.

Another fine example of really good vintner Sekt (traditional method) from the Pfalz. Price: ca 13 €.

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