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January 08, 2012

Walking the Vineyards

After a rainy, stormy and grey period we had a wonderful sunny day today. How I enjoy walking the wine fields with my family! Even now, naked as they are, the vines have a soothing effect on me... The pruning has already started a few weeks ago and it is comforting to know it all starts over again. It gives some kind of stability, consistency, watching the procedure so close by. However, I feel deep respect for the people standing out there in wind and weather and clipping vine after vine. Not too fun when the weather is bad? Much easier to go walk the sites with sunshine and 10 C (plus).

The picture (smart phone, not big Canon) was taken north of Königsbach on the way towards Deidesheim. We see some of the vineyards Nussbien and Reiterpfad with the villages Ruppertsberg and Deidesheim (left) and a bit behind is Niederkirchen.   


  1. Ah, walking vineyards. Lovely. It is really great to live in such a wonderful wine area. Enjoy! Well, I can see you do that. T

  2. It's wonderful how vast the world of wines is. Just reading your article and looking at the photo I can sense myself walking the vineyards and breathing the fresh air. How beautiful! Thanks!