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January 20, 2012

Winedowner @ Weingut Weegmüller

2010 Riesling Herrenletten Alte Reben Weegmüller
Last night we spent a few hours at Weegmüller's. The 3rd Thursday of a month, the Weegmüller sisters Stefanie and Gaby open the winery for guests to come, enjoy a few glasses of good wine and chat away with other wine enthusiasts. It is more of a 'insider' thing, usually the same people keep coming back, but there will always be new visitors joining in. Very cozy and casual. Check out their FB or web page to see when the next wine downer takes place.

During the warmer months, wine and small dishes are served outside in the courtyard. Here, beautiful old stone walls and huge old wooden doors and gates give you the idea of how many generations have gone through this winery. In the winter months, people gather in the cellars. Lots of candles make for a beautiful atmosphere and underline the mystique that is spread within the old vaulted cellars. 
Winedowner @ Weegmüller Jan 19, 2012
At arrival, you are served a glass of bubbly and after that, you pick your own wine. Either by the glass or by the bottle. Lars' and my favorite is the Riesling Herrenletten from old vines. A dry wine with warm tones of yellow fruit, citrus, paired with a beautiful minerality, herbal hints, and high acidity. Rather intense (13,5% abv), but yet elegant and smooth. The residual sugar is notable, but makes it ideal for sipping away, especially when drinking without food.

Perhaps I will see you there some Thursday this year....?
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  1. everything Stephie touches turns to gold !

    I just love the Gewürztraminer !

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