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February 10, 2012

2010 Faubel Riesling Maikammer Kirchenstück

I am a lucky girl. Just by attending certain school events, I get to try some of the best wines the region has to offer! The latest new discovery for me, was the 2010 Riesling (Spätlese) from Weingut Faubel in Maikammer.  Maikammer Kirchenstück is the name of the vineyard. You might already know this winery and their wines, since they belong to the 100 best - in accordance to the German Handelsblatt anyway. See, I do not care about such lists or PP (Parker points, etc). But, because I follow Christian Schiller and his wine blog, where he posted about it, I - of course - took a curious look at the Pfalz wineries mentioned in the list.

Remember, I am more the girl posting about what suits MY own personal palate - and very much not objective in any way. Freedom of blogging! Cheers!

However, this wine is definitely worth a try! Wonderful clear and crisp acidity, paired with ripe citrus and yellow apple, a bit of cilantro and a beautiful, discreet minerality. A proud wine, with elegance and structure. Medium-bodied, and dry, it has quite something to offer to your palate. Price: around 9 €. 12,5 % abv.

Try yourself and let me know how you liked it! Please.

Link to the winery: 


  1. Nice to read your blog - i´m also blogging about wine and wine related stuff. In summer i´ll visit the "Österreichische Weinakademie" to learn more, because i´m still at the very beginning of my journey with wine :-)

  2. Thank you, Natalia! Nice blog you've got there, too. :) Love the idea with the red wine salt. Will be visiting...