Monday, March 23, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme FINAL RESULTS - and Review

I am a 21 Day Fix Extreme GRADUATE!

No longer a member of the "quitters club".  And, I have to say:  It feels GREAT!  I am thrilled and proud that I stuck with this program for the full 21 days.

First of all -- a HUGE thank-you to everyone for the support!  My followers, my fitness friends, my accountability group members, and my Coach friends.  Couldn't have done without you ALL.  I am truly grateful and blessed by your friendship. 

So, about the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I saw this on a photo recently, and it totally hit home with me: 

"Systems vs. Goals:  Losing 10 pounds is a goal. Learning to eat right is a system -- and systems ALWAYS trump goals."
This is so true!  This program is so very well-designed.  If you follow the exercise schedule and follow the nutrition program to a "T" - you WILL see results.  No question about it.  Programs like this are written and designed the way that they are by professionals.  A total solution.  It is a no-brainer. 

My fabulous online accountability group members are absolute proof of that.  Here is what they had to say this morning!
  • "Down 3.4 pounds and 2 inches."
  • "Down 7.6 pounds, 6 inches gone, pics to come. Not finished, but a heck of a lot closer than I was 3 weeks ago!"
  •  "I am down 5.5 lbs and um- 14 inches....yeah um my middle area was a bit out of shape!"
  • "Down 8.7# and 2.5."

So, here are my results.  I lost:  6 pounds and 4.5 inches!  In just 21 days.  For me, this is fabulous progress ..... for a few reasons:
  • I lose weight S L O W L Y - I have thyroid issues. I am SO over-the-top happy with my progress!
  • I didn't re-start.  I used my final Insanity Max: 30 stats as my "befores".  There was no big pig-out before starting the program.
  • I wasn't able to complete the last 4 workouts due to a pulled muscle in my upper back, but stuck with my nutrition.
  • I am a former "21 Day Fix failure". I've NEVER been able to stick with the full 21 days before (and I tried 3 times)! I am now a member of the reformed quitters' club.
  • I did NOT deprive myself.  I was generally very full on this nutrition plan.
  • I feel totally fabulous!
  • I am stronger and more lean.
And, here are the photos for comparison (The sun was a little blinding outside this morning.)!

And, here is my progress since January 2015 (January 1, 2015 - March 23, 2015).  Hello, "booty lift"!

Progress, friends.  PROGRESS.

What's next for me?  Here is what I have planned:  one week of continued recovery of my upper back, with light workouts and continuing to follow the 21 Day Fix eating plan.  This is a LIFESTYLE, not a detox or deprivation diet. 

I will officially begin the 21 Day Fix Extreme plan again, starting on Monday March 30th, with another fabulous group of amazing friends!  JOIN US! 

The results from these short groups have been nothing short of AMAZING!  Pounds lost, inches lost, bodies transformed!  The NEXT GROUP begins on MARCH 30TH! 

In order to learn more, please email me here.  I will be in touch within 24 hours. Thank you!