Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Take This Two Ingredient Sleep Recipe Before Going To Bed And Never Wake Up Tired Again

Sleep is the best way to provide rest to your body after a stressful day. Although the sleep duration is rapidly reducing nowadays. It has dropped down to 5-6 hours from normal 7-8 hours of duration.

We might feel that sleep is not that significant for good health. But the lack of sleep has very bad impact on your health and it is important to provide good sleep to your body. Many people do not sleep for one night and they continue to feel dizzy and tired for entire next day. A cup of coffee can help you to get rid of daytime sleep, but it is not something which help in long-term.

Daily Distractions
The fast forward life has brought many issues which lead to a lack of good night sleep. People have often become a patient of anxiety due to work stress, family problems, everyday situations and get addicted too many other distractions. The modern devices are actually working as a sleep killer.

The sleep disorder is spreading like an epidemic among a lot of young and middle-aged people.

How  Lack of Sleep Affect Your Health?
The lack of sleep can actually make you feel sick in different ways and also make you prone to many infections as well as diseases. The chances of cardiovascular diseases are high among people who sleep less than 6 hours.

Around 15 medical studies published in European Heart Journal (2011) provides that the people who suffer from insufficient sleep has 48% more chances to die due to heart diseases. Among which 15% can die due to a sudden stroke.

However, the study also reveals that people who sleep for 9 hours or more has 38% more chances to die from heart attack and 65% more chance to get a stroke.
One more research has backed up the fact that lack of sleep can lead to rapid heart rate. The heart rate becomes slow and the blood pressure dropped down while we sleep. The lack of sleep does not provide the time for these changes in the body.

The Ultimate Solution for Sleep
The sleep disorders are curable at home and need few ingredients to treat the issue. Here are the best remedies which need only salt and honey to cure the sleep issues.

Himalayan sea salt consists of  more than 80 minerals and nutrients which are essential for our body. Whereas honey acts as a source of glucose and provides the necessary energy to the body.

The combination of honey and salt promotes the secretion of serotonin which makes the body relax and provides quick sleep.  Try the recipe as given below-

Things you need
  • Organic raw honey- 5 tsp
  • Himalayan sea salt- 1 tsp
Things you need to do
  • Take 5 tsp of honey and add 1 tsp of salt to it.
  • Mix it well to get a thick paste.
  • Put the paste under your tongue and you will fall asleep in no time
Go for this remedy tonight and sleep tight!