Tuesday, October 3, 2017

There Are Pounds of Waste and Toxins in Your Gut. This Method Will Give You a Complete Bowel Cleanse

Our immune system always seems to be a very secret element in our body. Are you aware that 80% of our immune system relies on properly functioning digestion system? Yes, it is true! Thus, colon cleansing is one of the recommended processes to keep the digestion system healthy and ensure the overall well-being.

Once we have our meal the ingested food in our body starts getting digested. It is been broken down in our stomach and pass into the intestine. The intestinal wall is a magical element which absorbs the nutrients and discards the waste which further goes through colon as well as rectum and flush out of the body.

Although it looks like a smooth process of digestion sometimes it causes fecal impaction of colon or accumulation of waste in the colon. Such situation is quite harmful to your health. It has been proven that at any given time your intestines contains up to 5 pounds of waste and toxins depending on your body weight and diet. It has proved to be common if you are following American Diet which is rich in processed foods.

If your feces becomes dry and immobile then it becomes very difficult to excrete it from the body. The feces obstructs the passage of new waste which has to be flushed out. This condition can lead to an imbalance of the metabolism, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases and sometimes leads to cancer.

In this case, your feces becomes immobile and dry, and it is even more difficult to excrete it from the body. What’s more, the faces further obstruct the passage of new waste that needs to be eliminated.

There are many colon cleansing processes available which can treat this condition such as colonic hydrotherapy, irrigation, laxatives and herbal remedies as well as enemas. However, the natural remedies are always recommended to effectively cleanse the colon.

The regular consumption of flaxseed or powder of flaxseed is also recommended to eliminate waste accumulated in the bowels. You can consume 1-3 tbsp of flaxseed powder every day for 20 consecutive days. This will boost your digestion process and restore the balance of gut flora in your body.

The flaxseed treatment to cleanse your intestine can be divided into three successive weeks. Here is the process you should follow for 3 weeks to cleanse the intestine properly.

First Week
Enjoy the drink of 100 ml kefir and 1 tbsp of flaxseed powder every day for breakfast for 1 week time.

Second Week
It’s time to increase the dose of flaxseed. Drink the mixture of 100 ml kefir with 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed daily in the 2nd week.

Third Week
Now, mix 3 tbsp of ground flaxseed with 100 ml of kefir and drink it daily in the 3rd week.

Apart from this drink at least 2 liters of water every day to promote the cleansing process. You should do this cleansing process at least once in a year to keep the colon healthy.

Tip- Always drink the fresh mixture and prepare it on the spot. Don’t prepare the mixture in advance and don’t try to preserve for a longer time.

This the simple method of colon cleansing to boost the digestion system and avoid the health issues caused due to the accumulation of waste in the digestive track. Share this method with your friends and family to make sure that they remain healthy all the time.